5 Things You’ll Discover at Tapped to Speak LIVE

At some point, your career is going to include standing up in front of people and talking to them.

Maybe it’s happening right now — you’re crafting a keynote, or a signature talk to support the launch of your book or your business.

Or maybe you have your sights set on a TEDx talk this year. Or someday. Or you’re already booked to do one!

Or you’re not yet sure what your stage will be — and the thought of it scares you — but you know that’s where you’re headed.

Whatever your situation, you want your ideas, your story, your work to mean something. And at Tapped to Speak LIVE, happening June 7 & 8 in NYC, you’re going to get the tools and insight and ideas and emotions and confidence and power to do just that.

In other words, it’s two days of personal and professional discovery to change your career AND your life.

At Tapped to Speak LIVE  you’ll discover…

1. How to tap your genius.

You can’t always “think” your way into a powerful talk. Because if you get too in your head about it, you get stuck. Blocked. You might think you’re out of ideas. But you’re not! At Tapped to Speak LIVE, you’ll learn one of the most potent practices for freeing up your creative mind from Suzanne Kingsbury, the creator of the Gateless Writing Method. It’s extraordinary what you discover when you can surface your most vibrant, creative self quickly and powerfully.

2. How to land on your TED-worthy idea — the one that only you can tell

To land a TEDx talk, and to craft any talk that makes a big impression, you need to land on an idea worth spreading. This is my sweet spot! I’ll share what makes a TED-worthy idea—and a TED-worthy speaker—and how to start finding what makes your idea universal and uniquely yours. And you’ll start working, right then and there, on the key ideas to fuel your signature talk.

(Psst. Interested, but you’ve got questions? Register NOW for my FREE online training, “5 Steps to a TED-worthy Talk,” Wednesday, May 30, 2018 @ 7pm ET. )

3. Which stories to tell (and which to save for another day)

The most extraordinary talks include story, and often it’s your personal story. And sharing it is nothing short of brave! But how personal you get depends not just on the purpose of the talk, but how ready you are to tell it. TEDx speaker and screenwriter Sarah Montana will teach you how to know which stories to tell—and not to tell—and how to tell the story you’re dying to tell in a way that makes you both relatable and strong.  

4. How to get booked

Patty Lennon, a veteran speaker and business coach, built her speaking career one event at a time — because speaking begets more speaking. Patty will help you figure out how to give yourself more of the right kinds of opportunities, so you can go all the way up to 50 gigs in 50 weeks, if that’s what you want!

5. How to be fascinating on stage, ALWAYS

How you communicate your message on stage is the difference between a speaker who can say a thing, and a speaker who moves the audience—and gets booked again and again. And there are specific tools you can use to do just that (and they’re a lot more useful than “tell a joke here”). The award-winning director and writer Tricia Brouk will teach you how to use objective and action, just like she does with her actors on stage and screen to breathe life into you and message and keep you fresh every time. (Btw, Tricia is the executive producer of TEDxLincolnSquare, too!).

This is just the tip of the incredible ice cream sundae that is Tapped to Speak LIVE. We’ve got more top-of-industry speakers and sessions lined up to get your TED-worthy ideas out of your head and into the world.

But grab a seat now — Tapped to Speak is NEXT WEEK, June 7 and 8 in NYC!!!  Learn more and reserve your spot at tappedtospeaklive.com.

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