We don’t have much control over what’s going on right now.

But we can control how we use the time we have.

What if you gave yourself a few days to just let loose?

To write whatever comes up, and see what happens?

Join us for 5 critic-free, filter-free days on the page

Monday, March 30 –  Friday, April 3

11:00am ET & 8:00pm ET

Come to whichever works best for you!

5 Day Live Challenge

(March 30 – April 3)

Perfect if you’re…

  • ...Feeling restless, bored or pent up

  • …Hungry for a creative outlet

  • …Curious about what’s next for you

  • …Craving some clarity, and feel like your head is full of static

  • …Interested in supercharging your own journaling practice with fresh energy (or start one!)

Experience what it’s like to tap your intuition — instead of stripping your mental gears.

Join us for the 5 Day Live Challenge

(March 30 – April 3)

You don’t need…

  • Any special qualifications, skills, or background

  • To be in any specific line of work

  • To have written anything, ever

  • To know what you want to do, write about, or focus on

Simply show up with an open mind and a blank page.

What’s included…

  • Structured, daily sessions...

    …that make it easy to plug into your own creativity

  • The chance to explore...

    …your own ideas, thoughts, and stories in a safe and creative environment

  • The container AND the freedom...

    …to write in ways you don’t get to anywhere else

  • FREE access to all sessions...

    …to all writing sessions from March 30 – April 3

  • "5 Ways to Unlock Your Creativity"...

    … a guide to support your creative efforts

  • PLUS: Free access ...

    …to the replay of “Rekindle Your Content: How to Fire Up Your Creativity & Fuel Your Marketing Efforts”

How it Works…

We’ll meet every day on Zoom for about 30 minutes; you can choose between the 11am ET or 8pm ET slot (or come to both!)

During the session, you’ll be given a prompt and a timed writing exercise, and the guidelines for Gateless writing.

Join us for the 5 Day Live Challenge

(March 30 – April 3)

Join award-winning writer, speaker,
and certified Gateless writing facilitator 

Terri Trespicio

for a very different
kind of creative challenge.

Join us for the 5 Day Live Challenge

(March 30 – April 3)