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I did not follow my passion onto this field, or any other

I didn’t catch a football until I was in my 40s. Mainly because no one had ever thrown me one.  I was encouraged, invited (cajoled! Forced!) by my friends from improv class to be part of their coed touch football team in this actual league where you had matching t-shirts and everything.  No. Way.  You […]

What should you say right now?

Look, messaging is hard enough ON A GOOD DAY WHEN THE WORLD IS NOT BURNING.  But during highly charged moments like this one, it’s worth thinking real hard about what you want to say, yes, but also why you think you want to say it.  Anything you say can get a response you didn’t expect […]

Lean into your work like a Segway

Years ago I went on a Segway tour of Austin. I was rigid with fear when I got up on that thing. It felt like standing on a vacuum cleaner and attempting to ride it.  We all have some inherent understanding of what makes things go: A swing? Easy. Pump and pull. A bike? Work […]

Content isn’t king. It’s queen.

Content is king. Right? That’s what people say.  Is it though? Because I’m kinda thinking content is…queen. Sure, the king rules the land, calls the shots. He’s the authority.  But. The queen is the master of content. The king pronounces; the queen whispers. The king talks; the queen listens. And she doesn’t miss a trick.  […]

What not to say in a hot tub (ever)

Years ago, I spent the weekend at a friend’s ski chalet. It had a hot tub. So, around 9pm, we grabbed some beers and got in it. One of the guests was a man I’d never met, and I was trying to decide if I found him appealing. I figured it out rather quickly. We […]

You know what we need? A little Octopus Time

I’ve had aquatic life on the brain lately. Don’t ask. Everything’s weird.  But you know what we could all use a little of? Octopus Time. A little OT.  This is how Sy Montgomery describes the way her experience of time changed while she had her hands in the tank of a giant Pacific octopus named […]

Not good at picture taking (and lots of other things)

I know. I’m touching my face! This was back in January, before doing so became verboten. Please know that no one got hurt during this photo shoot. (My photographer DID very nearly pass out–but only because he didn’t eat lunch. I TOLD him he should eat. He doesn’t listen.) I feel really awkward having my […]

Why Cuomo is a rock star right now

Howard Stern interviewed Gov. Cuomo recently. He asked him what he makes of all the fuss over him right now.  “Are you shocked by all this unbelievable outpouring of love for you? Are you just blown away by this? You’re on the cover of Rolling Stone. You’re the sexiest man in America.” Cuomo’s response:   “I […]