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One thing I’m NOT doing in 2020

Like you, I’ve made some sacrifices to the New Year gods—more vegetables, a month without booze. But one of the most important resolutions I’ve made for 2020 this: To stop selling shit on Craigslist. Why? Why’s that so bad? It’s not bad, inherently. Longtime users of this stripped down, early-aughts online garage sale love that […]

A holiday movie with a hidden message about career

​I just watched the new animated Netflix movie Klaus with some friends the other night, and if it’s not in your holiday movie queue, it should be. Not just because it’s cute and well done. But because there’s a hidden and profound message for those of us in a line of work we never imagined we’d […]

Calling things “hard” is easy

After years of working on a book, I’m finally shopping around a proposal. And while I’m only a few weeks into this first leg of the publishing journey, I can tell you already it is not for the faint of heart. Of course, I went into this expecting an even blend of rejection and radio […]

You’re a lot like Orpheus

Have you seen Hadestown? The award winning Broadway show is a brilliant, modern retelling of the Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice. (And yes, it will blow you away.) Here’s the quick and dirty: Orpheus and Eurydice fall in love. Orpheus has been working on his masterpiece, an epic song that will change the world. […]

Here’s what you’re doing right (says almost no one)

When’s the last time someone pointed out what you were doing right? Not just “good job.” I mean, specifically and in detail something you did really, really well. Ok. And when’s the last time someone pointed out an error you made, or a change you might consider, or ways to improve what you’ve done? Probably […]

When’s the last time someone REALLY listened to you?

When’s the last time someone listened to you. I mean, really listened. Like, you could tell they were right there with you. It’s rare, to have someone’s attention like that. Even right now, I only have a share of your attention. And I’m holding on to it for dear life.  Why? Because someone’s talking over your shoulder, your texts are […]

Why your work should belong to someone else

If you had asked me last week if I’d be moved by a closing performance by Queen at the Global Citizen Festival in Central Park, I’d say, umm, probably not.  But then on Thursday, I watched Bohemian Rhapsody, and that changed everything.  Have you seen the movie? You kinda can’t take your eyes off Rami […]

Mary Gauthier Wants You to Start Singing a NEW Song

There’s a song by recording artist and folk singer Mary Gauthier that guts me, every time.  It’s called “Mercy Now,” and the song moves, achingly, through concentric circles of forgiveness: Starting with her father, who could use some mercy now…and ending with her country, which could most definitely use some mercy now. (Lord have mercy, […]

You Can’t Just Say “Hi” Forever (Even If You’re This Cute)

I was in Whole Foods the other day, browsing the gluten-free cookie aisle, and I heard this little voice pipe up.  “Hi!”  And there, parked in a stroller by the almond milk, was an adorable baby girl, waving emphatically at me.  “Hi! Hi!” “Well hello there,” I said, delighted, walking over. “What’s your name?”  And […]