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Mel Robbins says if you can count, you can change

Watching Mel Robbins take the stage last week at the Energetic Women’s Conference in Indianapolis was like seeing a rock star on the final leg of her tour. (She’ll be going off the road as she heads into production for her syndicated daytime talk show which airs this fall.) You probably know of Mel from […]

Your inner critic is a puppet master

Hey-o. I recently spent two days at a Gateless writing retreat that was part garden party, part creative brainstorm, part coven. It was wickedly fun.  I’m also trained in the Gateless Method, the goal of which is to slap a muzzle on the critical mind so that you can get dig deep down into the […]

I’m running late…….. (In life.)

I’ve always been a late bloomer. I was born late, in October, making me the runt of the class litter. Last one to get my driver’s license. Last one to turn 21. Last one to have a boyfriend. Last one to hit a host of other teenage milestones that I won’t go into here. I […]