A 20ish woman was telling me some of her dating woes–and theories. I love the theories most of all. She had been doing some dating on OKCupid, and had come to the conclusion that the problem with online dating was that “there were too many people on there.” What do you mean too many people? […]

Could you talk a little about what to wear on a date? How important is it to be comfortable? Also, if I’m dressing up to appeal to someone else, am I kind of not being myself? I tend to look somewhat casual, but if I dress up too much than perhaps sending a false picture […]

Women have been bitching about men who can’t commit for, well, forever. As a single woman with no driving interest in marriage, I’m not even looking for someone to commit to me forever and ever. I’d just love to find someone who can commit to a decision. And maybe a date. The problem, as I see […]

A guy I know recently asked me if I’d read Fifty Shades of Grey. I said yes, I had. He then told me he didn’t know any women who HADN’T read it. “Have you read it?” I asked. He hadn’t. I know very few men, in fact, who have read or even peeked at the […]

Madonna can—and so can just about any rock star or pop icon or celebrity that you happen to really, really like. More so than a boyfriend. More than most boyfriends. It’s true. Get tickets to see her. Or anyone. If you think that obsessing over celebrities is going to wreck your self esteem, new research […]

A woman called into a radio show I was on recently, talking about online dating, and asked, “I heard all guys look at are the pictures. Is that true?” The undertone of this question-slash-fear is, “Are looks the only thing that matters to a guy?” Not the only thing. But a big thing. Yes. Looks […]

I recently attended a singles event in Manhattan sponsored by an online dating site. The bar had lots of atmosphere—but very little A/C, so it was social, but sweaty. And while the crowd was very squarely adult (average age probably about 35), you would have thought it was a high school mixer. Women sat along […]

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"I Had Fun, But...": Why To Let Her Off the Hook

Q. I just suffered some serious dating whiplash: I met a girl, and we went on three dates. First date – short but great, easy and fun. Second date – meal and cinema, easy and fun, hand holding and kissing. Third date – drinks and…

I'm Terri, and I'm a Raving Perfectionist

I haven't written a blog in weeks. Why? Because I was: Busy. Reading. Working on proposals. Getting organized. Watching "Orange is the New Black." This is a lie. Of course, I was doing those things. But that's not why I haven't blogged.…

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I Was Blindsided After Two Dates. WTF?

 Q. I went on two dates with a girl, both of which were really fun, so I asked her out again. And out of the blue, I get a text message from her declining, saying that she appreciates the offer but is "feeling we're not really compatible for…

If I Play Hard to Get, Will He Come Around?

Q. After dating this guy for a month, I asked him where we stood, and he said somewhere between casual and exclusive. I was okay with that, but after three months I called it off. I wanted more. Then I started initiating hangouts, and sometimes…

If You Want Your Dates to Be More Eventful, Start Dressing for Them

Since I've been single, which hasn't been all that long, I've been on three dates. And would you believe two of the three were rocking a hat. Two! And not a hat meant to keep your head warm, nor a hipster/barista's "I didn't shower" knit…