I spent several hours this weekend watching adults act like children and children take brave risks in the name of love. I was at the movies. The movies were Seth MacFarlane’s Ted and Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom. Seemingly, the two have nothing in common: We have a funny, crude comedy in which Mark Wahlberg’s character John Bennett […]

I’m packing for a big trip and doing what I always do when I pack: Reinvent the wheel. I start from scratch and build my life from the ground up, starting with the very base needs (underwear, bra, deodorant, shoes) to the very specific and often imagined ones (how can I be on a beach […]

Tampons have served us well over the years, the decades, haven’t they ladies? There’s no questioning the convenience, the ease of use. I had a major breakthrough at 14 when I finally got up the guts to use one–I had to, since the next day I’d be performing a liturgical dance at my high school […]

Want to know what you shouldn’t do when you’re asked to speak at a conference? I will tell you. I recently attended the BlogWorld & New Media Expo a few weeks ago (newly named, New Media Expo). And while there were plenty of astute and savvy new media experts, there were perhaps just as many […]

One of my coaching clients said to me recently, “I just want to find a nice guy.” I had to call bullshit on her. Especially since she had just finished telling me that the most significant relationship of her adult life was this sexy but slippery beast of a man whom she couldn’t say no […]

There is a great myth out there being sold wholesale to single people: You’re incomplete if you do not have a partner. There’s also the time sensitive version: You’re incomplete–and a failure–if you do not have a partner by age X. I’ve got news for you, people. This is complete and utter bullshit. Where does […]

There once was a woman from Fargo who married herself. It’s true. She’s not the only one, either. But let’s stick with Nadine, who was featured on the Anderson Cooper show a while back. She did what she thinks was a cute, quirky thing that I’m sure she knew would get a lot of attention, […]

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OMG. I Agree with Joel Osteen: Stop Sitting On Your Ass

  Joel Osteen wants me to be obedient. That's what he tells the ginormous congregation at Lakewood Church, and me, when I got caught in his magnetic Christian trance after Meet the Press. But not just any kind of obedient. Boldly obedient. "You're…

Man Earns Praise for Not Being A Selfish Prick

The post was called "Marriage Is Not For You" and it's gotten 24 million views and counting. 24 million. What sounded like it might be an edgy, controversial post ended up doing little more than underscore sentimental, conventional values…

Adopt a Closed (Bathroom) Door Policy

When is it ok to leave the door open when you're on the toilet? The answer is....Never. Never, ever, ever. You hear me? My friend sent along this humorous piece on Jezebel (and when are they not humorous?) in which the author maps the long,…

The One Thing You Should Not Do After a Fight

You've had a skirmish. A lover's quarrel. A knock-down, drag-out fight. And so understandably, you're upset. The one thing you must not do: Soothe yourself. That's right. And I heard it straight from the source of seasoned psychologist Dr. Gail…

You're Not Broken. You're Just Not Married. (There's a Difference.)

But you're such a sweet girl. Why aren't you married yet?" Ugh. If you're a single woman like me, I'm sure you've heard this refrain before. (Replace "sweet" with: fun, cool, smart, pretty, etc--all the same thing.) I have to admit I've puzzled…

Instant Stress Relief: When You Realize No One Notices or Cares

A week or so ago, I had four inches cut off my hair. Just like that. I was itching for a change. When the stylist asked me if I was "attached to the length," I said no, and waved her off in my best impression of the most well-adjusted woman…