I looked around the office. Everyone was in their seats: The health editor was bent over a manuscript; the lifestyle editor flipped through blogs in search of her next story; the market editor hunted down gloves for an upcoming shoot. Normally, I would just keep myself planted there, to be part of the team, to be there even if I had nothing pressing for the next day. But not today. Why? Because sometimes you have to leave on time, just because you can.

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No, not this Welk. But I couldn't resist the rare opportunity to use this picture.

Last night I met a new friend for dinner at the John Dory restaurant on 6th. I had champagne and oysters on the brain, craving the alternating pleasures of crisp, toasty bubbles paired with the cool mouthful of salt and sweet oyster flesh. I had never heard of whelk (aside from Lawrence, kept fresh in my mind thanks to the predictably awkward SNL skit), but the waitress insisted that these sea snails were delicious. I love shellfish of every stripe, so I went for it.

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Today is my birthday.

October 9th. It falls during the preliminary days of autumn when you don’t know whether to wear shorts or pack a sweater. The day before Columbus Day. And, in grammar school, marked the beginning of Fire Prevention Week, during which local firemen would come to Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament in their full gear and scare us Catholic schoolkids half to death with warnings of home fire drills and rope ladders.

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