Drink Your Greens! Simple Detox Smoothie

Nutritionist Kimberly Snyder got me hooked on the green smoothie! (courtesy kimberlysnyder.net)

Want to do a little detoxing without doing a full-on cleanse? Try this smoothie from Kimberly Snyder, nutritionist to the stars, author of The Beauty Detox Solution, and all-around detox queen.

In essence, all you do is combine:
  • Greens of your choice: kale, spinach, a little watercress, anything you have around. Blend that up with a little water til smooth.
  • Apple cut up into chunks (I recommend organic since apples are one of the most heavily pesticide ridden produce out there-and if you want to detox, silly to take in more pesticides, right?) My favorite is green apple.
  • Fresh squeezed lemon juice (this makes the whole thing zingy and delish–just squeeze half a lemon, more if you want)
  • Blend til smooth!
And that, my friend, is it. You can experiment with whatever you like: carrots, ginger, cucumber, romaine, etc. You can also add a squeeze of honey or agave nectar if you like. A pinch of cayenne pepper can give it some kick. You could also add a few drops of liposomal glutathione to make it even more detoxifying and to aid your metabolism.
Again, this is just a suggestion. You can’t go wrong–especially if you make it part of your daily regimen. Adding a detox into your life can help you when you feel like your body is becoming sluggish and tired and is need of a good boost. Some people who feel this way, may combine a fruit cleanse with a ion cleanse detoxification in the form of a foot bath, this can leech out the toxins that have built up in your body and need to be released.
Why is this detoxifying?
What I learned from about.com’s alternative health expert and nutrition expert Cathy Wong, N.D., is that while we think of detox as what we take out of our diet (namely excess junk, sugar, additives, and so on), it’s also about what we put in. And when you feed your body fresh, healthy produce, you’re helping your body do its job in eliminating the things it doesn’t need. For more, check out her book, The Inside Out Diet.
(I promise to show you more step-by-step instructions when my much-anticipated Vitamix blender comes in! I ordered it a few weeks ago and am currently waiting by the door for it.)