Giving a talk could change your life. It certainly changed mine.

I divide my life into two parts: Before my TEDx talk…and after.

Before: I was a successful writer and editor, had done lots of media, and had, post-magazine job, gone out on my own as a consultant and did some occasional speaking.

After: Whoa. Everything changed once my first TEDx talk went live. I not only got more attention from people I knew…I started to get attention from people I didn’t know, receiving emails and invitations to speak at more events, my speaker fee went up, and my roster of premium clients grew.

People started introducing me at parties differently. Instead of, “Here’s Terri, she’s a former editor who lives in New York,” it was “Terri has this amazing TEDx talk that’s gotten millions of views. You have to watch it.”

That TEDx talk (which has nearly 4 million views) led to a second TEDx talk, and then I was invited to emcee a TEDx event, even be a TEDx coach—and now make my living helping other people land their TED-worthy ideas.

Now—having done a TEDx talk doesn’t come with guaranteed views or results. But. Having done it made a difference—and gave me the confidence to make speaking a bigger part of my career and my life.

You can give a TED-worthy talk on the TEDx stage and beyond—keynotes, workshops, anywhere you have the opportunity to share what you do. A stand-out signature talk can earn you more speaking opportunities, raises your professional profile, and changes the way you see your business—and yourself.