Which sounds like you?

You’ve got ideas and pages of stuff…

but you’re not sure what to do with them?


You know what you want to create…

but aren’t sure how…?
(and are frankly a little afraid of it)

It’s easy to get caught up in the chicken-or-egg thing when it comes to content.

… Should you write something and then figure out how to share or sell it?

… Or should you decide what you want to sell/share/do and THEN figure out what it should say?

It’s not about what comes first. Content creation and execution has less to do with plan— and more to do with process.

You write to tap your intuitive genius. The part that flips on and fills your whole head with light-bulb light. (Something we rarely give ourselves the chance to do.)

The problem:

You rarely give yourself the chance to write long enough to find it. (And the blank page might as well be a brick wall.)


You zoom out to see what the mosaic of ideas reveals in terms of theme and structure. This is how you find the shape of your work—and how it will best serve.

The problem:

You think you’re supposed to “know” what it is and exactly how it will play out. No again.

And by the way, this goes for ANY project:

…a book

…a blog

…a talk

…a podcast

…a course

It all starts on the page. 

What if you could:

  • Start to wrap your brain around what it is you most want to create

  • Explore an approach to content creation that feels less like work and more like flow

  • Go deep with your next project and gain momentum toward making it happen

  • Get excited and energized around your project (book, podcast, talk, product) again

  • Identify your next steps in making this thing REAL

For your work to matter, it has to move.