You’ve heard that to have a successful life & career, you should follow your passion

It’s popular advice.

(It’s also profoundly unhelpful.)

What if you’re not sure what yours is?

And what if it didn’t matter?

Join us for this first-time virtual event!

(and what to do instead)

with Terri Trespicio

THURS July 9th
12pm ET

The cultural imperative to “follow your passion” sounds like a good idea. But is it? The notion that you need to be 100% clear on your passion before you: find a job, build a career, start your life, is not inspiring; it’s paralyzing.

I gave a popular TEDx talk called “Stop Searching For Your Passion,” on why I think this is profoundly unhelpful advice. In this webinar, we’ll talk about why—and where to put your focus and energy instead so you can create life and work that matter. 

You’ll discover…

  • Why this myth hinders more than helps

  • The difference between passion and purpose—and how to bridge that gap as both a professional and as a leader

  • The role that art and creativity play in your work, regardless of industry, and how our culture of criticism can erode this effort

  • Why we can’t cultivate excellence through correction—and why trying to stifles the very innovation we want our leaders (and future leaders) to have

PLUS! During the bonus writing session, you’ll learn a framework called the Gateless Method for exploring your own passion…on the page.