Your creative genius isn’t something you find or figure out.

You can’t access it via criticism or comparison, or by cutting it down to size.

All you have to do is give it the chance to surface. 

That’s not as easy as it sounds — Especially when we don’t give most of our best ideas a fighting chance.

We bury, smother, and schedule them out of existence. We tell them to be quiet, to wait their turn. We secretly worry no one will like them.

But they’re there, waiting for you. And they’re more powerful than you can imagine.

They don’t respond well to criticism. They resist being compared to other people’s ideas. They don’t like committee work. And they don’t like to yell.

The only way to get at your most brilliant ideas is to create the conditions in which those ideas can emerge—a focused, safe, creative environment guided by a very specific set of rules designed to do one thing:

Let your best, most brilliant work speak.