Take a Detour In Your Day: Pop Into a Random Conan O’Brien Art Exhibit

Team Coco was in full effect at the Time Warner Center, and I had to stop in and just see. I certainly didn’t expect to tour an art show today, so, well, why not? And that’s another criteria for a good decision: The thing that catches you unawares, but seems compelling enough to check out. The idea being to let your curiosity take you on a colorful little detour when you can. I think one of the things I love about living in this city is that while you may think you know what you’re doing that day, you’re never quite sure where you’ll end up.

So here are some of my favorites from the exhibit. My favorite was the section of art pieces entitled “Self Deconstructionism” and the giant Conan sculpture composed entirely of pencils. Funny funny. There was also a Conan-head-shaped sofa that when you sat on it, would talk to you in a creepy computer voice and move its arms. I didn’t quite get that one, and declined to sit on it, mainly because I was alone and sitting on a talking sofa while strangers looked on struck me as odd and a little sad.

But, overall, a delightfully random thing to do.

You can watch the Conan back-to-NYC show online of course but I must point out the most random and awkward moments has to be when he brings in the 1982 cast of CATS. Really? I’m sure these dancers were lithe and lovely when the curtains rose on that performance, but to see these stiffer-limbed felines climbing over audience members was disturbing to say the least.