Penned in one of the many Judy Blume diaries.

Oct. 9, 1982

I had a great birthday party yesterday. When I came home from school, Mary Jo gave me a record called: Fleetwood Mac, and a letter with stickers–puffy ones. Tomorrow we will go to the Red Lobster.

On my birthday, my friends and I pretended to make out with C—. I am now changing my mind about C—. I’m beginning to like him. We passed the class picture around and kissed him. J— and J— especially really kissed him. They love him. And we’re only in the fourth grade!

I think J—, J—, and A—, and I are about the hottest fourth grade girls I’ve ever known. I like to show off a lot.

I like to write things here I’d never tell anyone. They are sometimes dirty, too. It feels good to write all of it down instead of letting it rot inside me.

Oct. 12, 1982

It’s 3:20 p.m. and I opened my mail. Uncle Bob sent me a happy birthday card with 10 DOLLARS IN IT!!! I called him and his tape machine answered. I left him a message.

Oct. 15, 1982

Tomorrow, I’m getting my glasses. I can’t wait until I get them!

Oct. 16, 1982

Bad news. I didn’t get my glasses because they didn’t come in the mail yet. The guy said I’ll get my glasses supposevly [sic] Tuesday, Oct. 19, 1982. I can’t wait!


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