February 1984tbt

You know what?

I’ve got a little case of LICE! Why me?!

A– and I were scared (we both had it), and then found out J– had it too. And D-. I never want to go back to school again!

I’m missing out on first Friday mass with the kindergarten–oh, I don’t care. But I don’t want lice or any other bug in my head! Ever! Every time I touch my hair I have to clean my hands. I also had to throw everything I ever wore in the past few days into the wash.

I went out to a really nice Chinese restaurant tonight and tried some strange food, plus jazzman tea. It was good. Then I had to go  home to have my hair fixed with the lice shampoo. I really didn’t have lice; I had nits. Lice eggs. We caught them before they hatched. Phew!

I saw the conclusion of “Different Strokes.” It makes me want to take judo so I can defend myself against cruel people, or even rapists.

Oh! Our dance to “Thriller” won 2nd prize in the talent show!

And I have a job! I shall clean Dad’s underwear and dry and fold and deliver it to him for $2.00 every time. All right!

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