Want to come to camp?

I know a lot of people are. I’m in NYC, and have no immediate plans to leave until late August.

But. That doesn’t mean things aren’t happening. Because they absolutely are.

Next week I’m doing something I haven’t done before, and wanted to see f you were into it: A full-tilt week of events, workshops, and conversations all hovering around this one theme:

Where creativity meets productivity.

I don’t mean productivity in terms of ticking things off a list. I’m talking about the effectiveness and quality of your efforts in getting you where you most want to go. Not just in work. But in life.

As in, what if you could…

Find inspiration in surprising places

Keep your creative engines hot and the writing flowing.

Gather courage for your next step

It’s called Summer Camp—a free, weeklong series of virtual events in which I’ll be leading workshops and conversations with experts you know, and their inner creative lives, which you might not know. But you’re about to.

(There will be no bunk beds, fire hazards, or collective singing. I will not be pulling pranks on you while you’re asleep.)

It’s free to attend, drop in as you please—register to access the program details and the link to join! 

Here’s a peek at the lineup:

  • How to stay in your comfort zone (yes I said that) and keep engaged with copywriting pro and co-creator of The Copy Cure, Laura Belgray
  • How to reinvent yourself (again and again) with speaker, brand strategist, and author of Reinventing You and Entrepreneurial YouDorie Clark
  • How to channel your panic (yup) for your next big idea with So Money podcast creator and host Farnoosh Torabi
  • How to embrace the mystery with bestselling suspense author Kate White (who ran Cosmo for more than a decade)!

…and of course there’s much more as it is a full week, and you can get all of it here when you register for Summer Camp!

What are your thoughts? Wanna come? -T.