4 Things You Should Do This Weekend If You’re Single

Courtesy of BrianHolm / freedigitalphotos.net

Sure, you could spend the night watching Love, Actually and then sob into some leftover Shiraz. Or, you could actually do something fun and maybe even sexy. No, it does not qualify as even the lowest level crisis that you’re not perfectly matched with an ideal mate just because it’s Saturday. If you are really lonely, use gay dating sites, or any other sites that float your boat, to spend the day with someone. You’re both in similar situations being single on Valentine’s day!

You’re single now, but you likely won’t always be. And mark my words, there will be a time when you look back and wish you had enjoyed this time more. Sure you want romance–and there’s nothing more romantic than potential. So, here are some things to do instead of taking a bath and then journaling about what a stark, lonely figure you’re cutting against the landscape.

Take a romantic risk. Consider it a wild card day. Do something out of character. Slip someone your phone number. Flirt. Post an online dating profile. Online dating wasn’t so popular a few years back but now, there are millions of people with profiles! You can sign up for any site that takes your fancy. You may want to use a BBW Dating site if that’s your type. The online dating categories are endless so there’s nothing stopping you. Or just ask someone out. I gave my number to a guy on a napkin in a cafe one year. I didn’t hear from him, but it didn’t matter; I felt amazing. Because of me, there was a little more romance in the air that day. I put it there. And so can you. And yes, this includes posting an online dating profile. (My tips on pics you should and shouldn’t use.)

Tap your sexy side. A bitch session over a bowl of nachos is not gonna fly.

Watch my Fox 5 NY segment on the topic

Gather your girls and sign up for something a little racy, like a class or workshop at The New York School of Burlesque (or your city’s equivalent), or a pole-dancing class (which is such the rage I can’t imagine you can’t find one near you). You might find a studio, like I have (S Factor in Chelsea, which has locations in other cities), but there are also private, pole-toting instructors who will come to your home.

Shop for free. This tip comes from my friend Melissa Massello, founder of Shoestring Magazine (great resource for fun on a budget). Tell your friends to gather up all the stuff that’s un- or slightly-used stuff they don’t need or want anymore, and you’ve got your own pop-up store. Think: nailpolishes, fragrances, mineral makeup, and other safe-to-swap items, like clothes and shoes, scarves. Great way to shake up your closet and clear out stuff you don’t want. Donate the unclaimed to a local charity or a non-profit like Dress for Success. Check out Massello’s helpful swap guide to plan your party.

Go from wistful to grateful. It’s easy to bitch about men. Too easy. Try shifting your perspective by taking stock of your great loves and good friends. Reach out to someone–an old flame, a former love, a good friend–and let him know how much he means to you, or meant to you in the time you shared. This makes you focus on how much love you’ve had in your life–as opposed to what you’re lacking. I did this one year and it felt great. Note, I recommend AGAINST posting public queries on your ex’s Facebook wall. Bad, bad idea.

Ok. Have fun.