What will you master next? What Dr. Shelley James asked me

COVID, and the way we talk about it (all of it) has become a kind of Rorschach test. Ask someone what they think of it, and you learn something about them. 

Some say it’s a relief, a blessing, a balm. A much-needed reset button. A wake-up call. A reminder of why they’ve made certain choices—or, an opportunity to make new ones. 

Some say it’s Mother Nature shutting us down, or God with a message, or a thousand angels wagging their holy fingers at us.

For others, it is hell on earth. 

And even though we’re all in it together, there isn’t “one” experience of it. 

So, what do YOU see in…all this? 

One thing is for sure: You stare at the wall long enough or stay home long enough or lay awake long enough, you’re going to come to some conclusions. 

I was interviewed by a whip-smart woman the other day named Dr. Shelley James—a lovely, sharp British professional with a keen ear, a fascinating story, and a lovely silver ponytail. 

And Shelley very kindly invited me to be part of a free training series that may be just the thing that people sitting home, wondering what to do next.

It’s called Midlife Mastery: how to harness your wisdom to monetize your passion and create financial freedom

(Speaking of doing things next—this woman has always had a “next.” She trained in textiles, worked as a consultant, suffered a traumatic head injury (!) and THEN went on to earn a Doctorate from the Royal College of Art and works as a glass artist, lighting consultant and life coach. Oh—and she’s a ballroom dancer and year-round open water swimmer. What??!!). 

She asked me how to identify what you should do next. And I said that no one out there is interested in handing you money to do what you feel like doing.  Unless you have a rich uncle who likes to indulge you.

But. Monetizing passion, as popular as that phrase is, means one thing to me: SERVICE. How can you serve. That’s how I was able to work on my own after being laid off eight years ago and exceed my wildest expectations.

And it’s how I plan to make it through this mess, too. 

You can listen to that interview, and better yet, interviews with many other experts, here.

So if you are of a certain age (though I don’t think she’s carding), and wondering What Next, you might really like this. 

Here’s some of what The Midlife Mastery series will cover:

  • Get to the heart of your unique wisdom and genius 
  • Master your time so that you can beat overwhelm 
  • Gain the visibility and respect you deserve
  • Harness the latest online strategies to serve a thriving tribe 

Shelley’s goal? To offer “powerful, practical tools to thrive in uncertain times and write the next brilliant chapter of your life in ease and excellence.” 

Sound good to you? You might be into it—or someone you know might be into it. Feel free to share! 

REGISTER FOR MIDLIFE MASTERY HERE   ⇒ https://www.powerthroughtransition.com/signup/terri/