Everyone is talented, original, and has something important to say. –Brenda Ueland, If You Want to Write

You don’t have to be a big shot or run a huge operation to have a mission, a purpose, and a brand that matters. The key isn’t whether you ‘can’ do it, but whether you can make what you’re passionate about compelling to other people.


Folks from every industry. Entrepreneur or employee. Surgeon or psychic. Political pundit or high school principal.

The people who seek me out have heard from other happy campers that there’s one thing I do exceptionally well: Put my finger on what you’re trying to do and help you say it with power and precision.

It’s true. Lots of folks “do” branding. And they do it in their own ways—some come from a design background, others were minted in the marketing department.

And while, yes, you can throw a rock and hit a consultant with an opinion, not many of them have grown their own brands.

I’m an award-winning writer, seasoned editor, media contributor, speaker, and creative copywriter. I know how to identify and land a powerful message—and make it matter to other people. That is, in essence, what I’m paid to do.

I have been on both sides of the media equation (as gatekeeper and contributor), and I write and speak widely on branding. I have worked as an on-air contributor, hosted and produced a podcast, and delivered two TEDx talks, one of which has earned more than 1.6 million views. I can help you do what you want to do, because I have done it myself.

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It’s part consult, part coaching, part creative breakthrough. I

Let’s talk about you.

If you’re like many of my clients, you likely fall into one of two categories:

You’re a business, but want a better brand

You make money doing a thing, but you’re not “known” in the way and for the reasons you want to be. This is the “money, no fame” problem.

For instance, you might have a very good online business selling coaching services or products, but no one really knows who you are. You’d like to reach people who may not ever become a client or customer. In short, you want fans.

You’re a brand, but want more business.

You know what you want to do, and have at least some evidence that people are listening, but you haven’t figured out a way to make that your business.

This is the “fame, no money” problem. The complete inverse of the other problem. I can’t promises riches any more than anyone else can. But I can show you how to think about your brand as a business.

Maybe you’re somewhere between the two, or you’re launching a side biz or a different brand—that’s great and totally ok.

What I can promise you is that you’ll never look at or think about your brand or business the same way again.

Think we could be a fit? Let’s find out.


Snack Pack (30 mins)


Like any great snack, this one will be tasty and satisfy your hunger before you launch into a big meal.

Great if you want to:

  • Pick my brain about your brand or business
  • Get real-time laser feedback on your website, positioning, or other product/service offering
  • Assess how and if you want to do a deeper dive with me on a specific area of your business or brand

Power lunch (1 hr)


We’ll roll up our sleeves and make valuable headway in a short amount of time—and energize you for your next big step.

  • Great  if you want to tackle one of these areas:
  • Get a better handle on your brand, business, or website
  • Hone/focus your mission and message
  • Brainstorm a stack of blog ideas, articles, lead magnets, ebooks, or media pitches
  • Explore potential ideas for a TEDx talk, or any talk for that matter

Sit-down dinner (2 hr)


Nothing like a really good meal to nourish and sustain you. This one will give you plenty of ideas, inspiration, and tactical ideas to hit the ground running with.

  • Explore and develop the key offerings for your brand/business
  • Develop copy to use on the asset of your choice: website, ebook, emails
  • Work on taglines and naming of products, services, podcasts, etc
  • Identify and start to develop key concepts for your TED talk

Full-day feast* (1 day=6 hours)


*For returning clients only.

Note: We may not stare at each other on Skype for 6 straight hours; some of this work will be done offline, but you have me for the day.
Great if you want to tackle one of these areas:

  • Create or revamp your website (we will draft your landing page and one other page (about, services, etc)
  • Flesh out the thesis, shape, structure, stories, and pitch for your TEDx talk so that you can start applying
  • Reposition your brand with a new name, tagline, and copy for your website (note: We will not write your entire website; we’ll do 1-3 pages, depending on how much each requires; you will have clear action steps on how to proceed.
  • Pitch the media: We’ll identify your positioning, and come up with 2 pitches for you to send out (I draft the pitches with you and give you recommendations for where to consider sending, but you submit them). Plus some basic coaching for how to approach the media.

Take out (ongoing)

I have a few courses for you to check out:

  • Lights Camera Expert is a 6-week course for experts, authors, and entrepreneurs who want to become go-to contributors—more attention for their brands and businesses. This course launches twice a year; get on the list so you can join us on the next one!
  • Find your thing, TK and create a brand that’s uniquely yours with my course, TKTK, blah blah this is coming.