What if you could just get on the page and write without agonizing over it?

Write. Share. And be heard—without judgment.

Meet us on the page. No experience – or inspiration – required.

Come to one, or both!

TUES JULY 28 @ 6p ET
FRI JULY 31 @ 12p ET

(Each runs approx 90 mins)

You’ll enjoy it if you…

  • ..Keep meaning to write but somehow never make time for it

  • …Are craving an outlet, a place to express yourself

  • ...Want a safe space where you can channel your feelings and ideas onto the page

  • Need to focus your energy and attention on work that matters most to you

  • …Want the camaraderie of writing with other creative, positive people

Experience what it’s like to tap your intuition — instead of stripping your mental gears.

Join us for one, or both, free workshops

TUES JULY 28 @ 6p ET
FRI JULY 31 @ 12p ET

(Each runs approx 90 mins)

You don’t need…

  • Any special qualifications, skills, or background

  • To be in any specific line of work

  • To have written anything, ever

  • To know what you want to do, write about, or focus on

Come to write, share, and listen.

What is the Gateless Writing Method?

Gateless Writing is an approach and technique designed to help you access your best work and find ease and flow on the page—in a safe, criticism-free, judgment-free environment.

Inspired and created by Fulbright scholar, novelist, and developmental editor Suzanne Kingsbury, this technique was originally developed to help writers bust through creative blocks, but which has been adapted to create flow beyond writing alone. It’s a deceptively simple process—but the results are powerful.

I’ve been practicing this method for six years, and have since become a Certified Gateless Instructor and facilitator, leading workshops online and off. I cannot wait for you to experience it!

What is a Gateless Writing workshop like?

  • Learn a little more about the process and expectations

  • Write to a timed prompt

  • Read your work aloud

  • Receive fantastic feedback that helps you see your work in a new way

  • Discover genius in your own and others’ work

Can’t make this one?

Register anyway — and get the replay!

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Join award-winning writer, speaker,
and certified Gateless writing facilitator 

Terri Trespicio

for a very different
kind of creative challenge.

JULY 28 @ 6p ET & JULY 31 @ 12p ET

Come to one, or both!

(Each runs approx 90 mins)