It’s one thing to have passion. It’s another to be compelling.

OK, so you’re passionate about what you do. Is anyone else? Because that’s what matters most: Your ability to not just get someone’s attention, but keep it. That’s the job. And I can help you do it better.   (more)   


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How to Know If You’re Addicted to Advice

A colleague of mine, Michelle, was launching her own life coaching business […]

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If You Hang Up On Gary Coxe, He Calls You Right Back

Gary Coxe never takes no for an answer—and it’s why he’s killing […]

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The En Route Meet-Cute: How to Pick Someone Up on the Subway

Love can happen pretty much anywhere. And your local public transportation system […]


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Top-notch, turnkey content and creative campaigns across media platforms (TV, print, video, digital); editorial conception, planning, and execution for: creative copywriting, web content, blogs, articles, social media. (more)


A dynamic, lively event, lecture, or workshop customized to your group that entertains, informs, and inspires, on a range of topics, from women in leadership and career to health and wellness. (more)

MediaCoachingIconMedia Coaching

Everything you need to be camera ready: Sharpen and distill your message, strengthen your opinion, and deliver it all with confidence and clarity, on screen, stage, or radio. (more)


You get both a seasoned presenter and an editorial eye for crafting content and pitches to get your brand attention, and a relatable, authentic personality to serve as your brand advocate. (more)


I can help you get back out there.

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