I live in a small studio in Manhattan. That means I have a small refrigerator. And an even smaller freezer. It’s the size of two shoeboxes. Enough for three bottles (gin, vodka, tequila) to lie horizontally, wedged next to a bag of frozen veggies, and some mummified food I don’t remember buying.

My freezer is where good food goes to die.

I know when I put it in there, I’ll never see it again. When it occurs to me to eat something there, I’m already too hungry and it’s not defrosted and screw it, I guess I’m getting takeout. If you do go in there, what you’ll find are things you don’t recognize, let alone want to eat. (What is that, anyway. Pork? Cod? Forget it.)

So why do I do this? Do you do this?

The freezer is the physical manifestation of procrastination.

And there’s a freezer not just in our homes but in our lives, our brains. It’s where we shove good ideas, would-be plans, things we mean to do. And then forget them.

Why it matters: The things that sit there and collect ice become useless. Packing away worthy ideas, prospective projects, things that could be of value to someone somewhere — it’s a big waste.

Why the F would I waste my own ideas? So I signed on to do something that seems nuts even to me: Megan Macedo’s 21-day writing challenge. Every day starting now (except weekends), I’m going to write based on Megan’s prompt. I’m going to dig stuff out of the freezer and see what I totally forgot was there.

I’m not doing this because I need another thing to do, but because in my experience, writing about a thing is the only way to know what you think and to keep ideas in from icing over.

No one likes to thaw alone

Writing with good company is, frankly, even more useful. There’s a charge, a kind of heat, when you know that you’re writing for other minds.

So here’s where it gets interesting: I would like to invite you to join me on what I’m calling a 21-Day Thaw.

Join the Thaw, and each weekday you’ll get unfiltered, entertaining stuff from me in your email, said in a way that probably no one else would. (Maybe for good reason!)

To be clear, I’m not going to make you read my journal. There’s nothing more loathsome than someone making you the victim of their self-indulgence.

But here’s what I’m thinking:

I have no idea what we’ll find when we defrost my mind. As a brand adviser, writer, and speaker, I help other clients excavate and shine up and share their ideas all the time. As a comic, I know how to surprise people and make them laugh (most of the time!).

I do this defrosting for others constantly, but I haven’t dug around in my own head like this in… ever? I just know that being able to do it with your company is going to be awesome. Unexpected. Funny. Fresh. Raw. All me.

You don’t have to write anything yourself, but who knows? You might be overcome with the itch to write.

You might hit on ONE new idea or decision. Who knows what that could be worth to you?

The 21-Day Thaw might change the way you do one thing, or inspire you to do a thing you’ve been meaning to. Who knows? But I bet it could kick something loose in you, in a very good way.

I can promise you one thing

If you decide to join me, for the next 21 days, you’ll get free and fun and wildly entertaining stuff every weekday in your email.

And then it’ll be over.

To be clear: This is not a sales page, and I am not selling you a course. I just wanted to try this out, and to do it with people who are psyched to see what happens.

(Pro tip: Once you add yourself to the 21-Day Thaw list, make SURE you confirm your subscription, or else you’ll get squat.)

This is going to be fun.

Join the 21-day thaw. It’s fun, it’s free, and it doesn’t matter when you pop on–we’d love to have you!

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