What’s going on in your world?

Two big things this week in mine: Wed (the 9th) is my birthday, and I’m also moving. Did I tell you that?

Not far—about four blocks from where I currently live on the Upper West Side. My requirements were that I didn’t want to have to change dry cleaners, coffee shops, or subway stops.


So it’s not far, but in many ways it’s miles beyond where I’ve been living.

Why? Because I’m going from a 300 sq. ft studio apartment, where I’ve lived for 10 years (10!) to a one-bedroom that’s over 600 sq ft.

For people who typically eat and sleep in different rooms, this doesn’t feel like much. But in Manhattan, it might as well be Buckingham Palace.

It’s fun. It’s also…physically painful. My back is sore at me, my shoulder feels off its hinges. My right hamstring is balled up like an angry fist. I’m excited. That hamstring is thrilled, too, actually. It just doesn’t know how to show it. So it’s fistbumping the rest of my body.

One thing moving makes you do? Take serious stock. Look at what you have, what you no longer want. It’s a line in the sand, moving. And several bags of forgettable sweaters didn’t make the cut.

I’m also bracing for the vulnerability of having a team of movers, due here any minute, going through my stuff.

I mean, this is intimate stuff–this is your LIFE, being handled, packed, and heaved onto a truck.

I expect zero editorializing from these four movers, whom I’ll guess will be around 27 years old. But can you imagine if they did?

“What is this?”

“Why do you own this?”

“You sure this works with your life right now?”

These are lines of dialogue that won’t occur today. I am guessing, in fact, very little dialogue will occur.


What makes us a little uneasy about moving is the same reason we’re sometimes uneasy about sharing our stuff—namely, ideas, stories, dreams.

Because sharing them feels…vulnerable.

What if you could share what you do, think, create, and know that NO ONE is going to criticize or judge or question your taste, but instead are going to look at it specifically to explore its genius?

Imagine if one of these movers held out a dress from my closet and said, “OMG this was a great decision.” (That’s not happening. But can you imagine if it did?)

I’m not a mover technically, but I do help people move their work into the world. How? By helping people see and express the genius in all the stuff that’s jammed into their closets, drawers. Things they haven’t looked at in years.

And I do it using a specific method for tapping creative genius, one I’m trained in, called the Gateless Method. And I speak about it and do workshops and retreats all over the place so that people can experience it themselves.

Last week I did a two-part masterclass called Rekindle Your Content, to help people turn content creation from soulless slog to energizing, powerful tool that you LIKE CREATING.

(And I practice what I preach, too—how else do you think these emails get written?)

The response has been so fantastic, so I thought you might want to see it. I’m making the replays available to you right now for a limited time. You can grab them right here (it’s free).

Let me know what you think! I’d love to hear.


OK. Movers are here. Gotta run.

P.S. Wait til you see Part II–where people I don’t know at all share their stuff with me and everyone on the call (and there were a lot of people on there). I found it pretty powerful. I always do.

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