Don’t react. Take notes.

You having a normal-ish holiday? Or a weird holiday. I hope no matter what shape it takes today it’s peaceful, calm, and safe. And that it allows you some time to…eat your face off.

For gratitude list lovers and people who live for the opportunity to use #blessed, this is your day.

But if you’re not, that’s ok too.

If you’re at the end of your 2020 rope and your patience has worn thin, holidays can be a soothing balm…or an atom bomb.

Take it from someone who has singlehandedly spoiled the mood of more than one holiday: There are better ways to deal than to …editorialize during dinner.

Here’s a far better, more constructive, way to deal with all good and bad shit that happens today:

Take notes. Seriously. Mental notes or actual notes. On a notebook, on your phone. On a napkin.

Maybe it’s a stray comment. Overheard conversation. A gesture. A flash of memory. Interesting observation, Aunt Jane. Noted.

Whether it soothes or enrages, piques or puzzles, all the details of a day like this can be excellent fodder for your work, your writing, the stuff you teach and talk about. You don’t have to like or comment on it. Just jot it down.

Though if you want create some good vibes, doesn’t hurt to go a little Gateless on your family or friends (they’ll love it). You don’t have to announce you’re doing it (better not to).

Rather than question or criticize, see what happens when you make like a mirror and just reflect back. Point out what they say or do that’s right or wonderful. Can change the whole tenor of the room and the day.

It’s the emotional equivalent of pulling the red wire on something that could explode (or is it the green wire?!?!)

(If you’re like ummm what’s Gateless. I have no idea what you’re talking about. I explain that here. It’s a tool/approach for thinking, writing that I’ve found incredibly useful myself.)

Maybe today will be great, and maybe it won’t be. Write it down. Keep it. You’ll use it somewhere.

It goes without saying that today I’m especially grateful to you for being part of my world, being in touch. Thank you.


P.S. We still have a few spots for the Virtual Pop Up on Dec 4th if you want to join us!