Hear me out about Clubhouse

As a rule, I don’t like things that buzz. Especially bees. Near my head.

So when I hear a buzz about a new social media platform? Oh no. NOOOOOOOOOOO.

But when my friend Laura Belgray said she thinks Clubhouse, with it’s FOMO-inspired is worth checking out, I said ok.

I’m hardly a pro. I’m new to Clubhouse, because EVERYONE is new to Clubhouse. Clubhouse is new to Clubhouse. But I’m doing my first room tomorrow at 1pm, and what the hell? Come see what the fuss is about.


Clubhouse calls itself “Drop in audio chat.” Meaning, it’s an AUDIO-ONLY platform. No visuals. No chat. It’s not recorded. There’s just one big huge conference hall where everything you were ever interested in is happening, all at once, every day.

It’s kinda like…

…If podcasts and live events had a baby, but no one took any pictures.

…If you brought back party lines from the 80s, but without the weird creep factor.

…If every conference or event you ever wanted to go to, including Burning Man (no thanks), were held in one place, and you didn’t have to travel or go on Zoom to check it out.

…Being in a pop culture-slash-professional development fever dream. You walk into one room and hear your favorite author speak, another to hear Perez Hilton chat with Lindsay Lohan (that happened), and then click over to where your friend Tracy is hosting a conversation about how to get over a breakup. And then someone hands you a mic. (You don’t have to take it.)

I think this thing has legs. No video. No fuss. No production.

It’s spontaneous and dynamic and real-time…like actual human interaction.

But….You’re busy. You’re tired. You don’t want another platform. You want to take a nap. I get it.

However. If you have even the REMOTEST desire to: Share your expertise, gather/grow a community, do more public speaking, sell books/courses/programs, I don’t see why on earth you’d avoid it.

If I put opportunity for you behind a door you’ve never seen before, would you say, “Oh no! I hate doors! Not more doors! I don’t open doors anymore.” Ok. That’s weird though.

Let’s go on together. C’mon. It’ll be fun. I’ve–just now–scheduled my first room. And you’re invited!

What now?

Download the clubhouse app (RIGHT NOW it’s iOS only, but Android is in beta, and I’m not sure how accessible it is yet).

DO IT EVEN IF YOU DON’T HAVE AN INVITE. I downloaded it and signed on, and someone I knew “nominated” me–essentially pulled me out of the velvet rope line and next minute I was doing shots at the bar. Ok, not that last part. But you get it.

And if you hate it, you never have to do it again. Promise.


P.S. Check out my friend Laura Belgray’s primer on why she likes it.

P.P.S. this is what it looks like:

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