If there’s one thing about me that you’d never guess in a million years, it’s that I play in a co-ed touch football league, and have for years.

I can’t believe it myself.

I’ve never been much of an organized sports person, and the memories I have of playing in my youth consist of long periods of boredom punctuated by moments of sheer terror.

But a few years ago, friends invited (read: pressured, threatened, cajoled) me to join their team because they were down a girl and why wasn’t I playing, anyway?

I really, truly have no idea how, I said.

So I learned. And I love it.

Yes. I learned how to play football and actually started playing over the age of 40.

And I learned something about myself too: I’m a damn good receiver. Defense? Not so great (which is weird, considering how defensive I get as a rule). But turns out, I’m all offense on the field.

But another thing: I’m only as good as the passes I’m thrown.

I happen to have a fantastic QB who throws a laser-sharp pitch and most of the time I feel like I was just in the right place at the right time. His skill determines my success.

My point: One of the most important skills you can learn is to pass an idea with power and precision to someone who’s ready to catch it.

(You’re the quarterback in this scenario, of course.)

Pitch, pass, same thing. We call them pitches, so be it—but what I mean is your ability to get your idea into the hands of someone ready to receive it, someone who, by virtue of positioning, intent, and sometimes pure luck, is wide open.

The members of the media (editors, producer, bookers, bloggers, writers, podcasters) want to grab a great idea and run with it. But if the throw is off or not directly aimed at them, it ain’t happening.

You can learn to throw better.

My business partner, Paula Rizzo, and I developed “How to Be a Media Magnet,” an entire course to help you learn to crack the media code. And pitch better. And perform on camera better.

Plus you learn how to:

  • Tap your expertise to go from professional to on-air expert
  • Search your brand for ideas, inspiration, and content
  • Connect with key influencers in the media
  • Face off with your fear of self-promotion
  • Make a producer or editor’s job easy and be their favorite go-to guest

The only way to get media is to give it what it wants. Come find out — and start snapping your pass.

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