How to interrupt (nicely)

Did you know I used to host a live, daily radio show on SiriusXM?

True fact!

I was an editor at Martha Stewart Omnimedia and hosted a show called “Whole Living” (named after the magazine where I worked).

I’d never hosted a radio show before. I figured it out because I had to. Especially when I had to:

…Make sure to promote Alicia Silverstone’s new vegan cookbook;

…Field 50 call-ins for chef Marcus Samuelsson about the right way to brine a turkey;

…End an interview with Jeff Garlin so I could get to commercial;

Or— s-t-r-e-t-c-h for a bit while my producer tried and failed to get our 10:30 guest on the phone, and then come up with something to keep talking about because the guest has bailed.

You wouldn’t think that radio hosting skills would be transferable to the real world, but turns out, they absolutely are.

I have used THE SAME SKILLS on the air as I do in a meeting. Works like a charm.

HERE’S A TIP:If you need to jump in and redirect a conversation, and that person shows no signs of letting up, use the person’s name, which they’ll almost always pause to hear (sweetest sound in the world), and then reflect back what you love what they just said. EVERYONE wants to hear what you love about what they just said. Now you’ve got the mic. Use it.

…This is just some of what I covered in this week’s Unmute Yourself training—which you can access right now, right here.

Karen N. from Toyota came, and here’s what she said about it:

“This talk was SO good! I learned a lot of great tips and have already started incorporating them into my meetings. I also shared this info with my teen-aged daughter who is learning to find her voice as a female in a digital world.” -Karen N., Toyota

Have a great weekend!