I used to loathe book clubs (not this one)

You’d think I’d like book clubs.

I mean, I like to read. I like small group discussions. But in the experiences I had with them (which were admittedly a long time ago), it got under my skin. I usually found myself in a roomful of people who were less interested in conversation and more interested in airing and defending their own entrenched positions. The goal was less about dialogue and more about demonstrating how smart you were.

It ran the gamut from snoozefest to angsty book-inspired bickering.

So when I thought about doing a book club myself this month, I decided we weren’t going to do any of that.

First, the book would be the one I wrote—Unfollow Your Passion—and I wasn’t making anyone read it. If they read it and wanted to come, they would. And the goal wouldn’t be to prove how smart they are nor how smart I am. Let’s just assume we’re all smart and move on.

This book club isn’t “about” the book really as much as it is about unpacking how to use what’s in the book in our own lives. Because that’s going to be a lot more interesting.

And, I lead it inside the framework of the Gateless Method—which means we don’t do it from a place of suggesting to one another how to think, but opening ourselves up to a creative and generative way of seeing our own potential.

Also, no bickering.

So I hope you’ll grab a copy and join us! We meet every Tuesday in January 2022 at 6:30p ET.

Pop over to unfollowyourpassion.com to see a clip of a recent meeting, and to sign up! Just fill in your info, then check your inbox for the invite!