Most people will never write a book

It’s true.

Most people will not only never write a book, they can think of 47,000 things they’d rather do.

Honestly? People barely read them, let alone write them.

But you are not most people. You (likely) love to read. And, if you found your way to me, some part of you, perhaps the quietest, most whispery part, has an interest in writing or crafting … something. Maybe you’re not even sure what.

The desire to express yourself is not just for authors. Hardly! It’s human.

And honestly, if you’re not sure you want to write a book? Don’t write a book.

I think sitting down to ‘write’ a book is a recipe for writers block. I don’t do that. Even when I am working on the book, which I am—days away for turning in the edits to the publisher—I don’t sit down to “write” The Book. Oy.

I sit down to read this part out loud again. To look at that one page, one paragraph, one scene at a time.

You can also write a book one page, one paragraph, and one scene at a time. If you want to do it, that is.

And I was doing it for years and years before I had a publisher to send anything to.

If that little part of you is tugging, nagging, nudging you to come back to the page, then that may be the sign you need. Because most of the world does NOT have that nudge. They don’t care! They have zero interest!

If that sounds like you, then get out a blank page and start filling it up.

Or, come write with me.

I have two—two!—spots left in the Six Week Sprint—we meet tomorrow, Fri @ 12pET, for our official week 1 kickoff; we also meet on Tuesdays @ 6:30p ET.

Register today and I’ll pull you onboard just as we set sail into the SEVENTH adventure.

Your pages can’t write themselves. But there’s no reason you can’t write them.

More about the Sprint here (plus, save almost $700 when you Sprint thru to 2022).

If you’re like GROSS I’D RATHER PLUCK OUT MY OWN EYEBALL then by all means, carry on. But that is a thing you can only do twice.