Tale of a website launch in 10 lines

Here’s the story of the creation and launch of a completely brand new, from-the-ground-up website in 10 lines of dialogue:

ME: This is going to be hard.

TEAM: It should be pretty straightforward.

ME: I like this font.


ME: Let’s plan for a mid-March launch. What could go wrong?

(Enter Pandemic.)

ME: I need to figure out who I am now and what I’m doing.

TEAM: We need to finish this site.

ME: We need to add 50 pages and a membership area.

(Joel, the web developer lies on floor with a cold pack on his head. Kate, the business manager, briefly considers moving to New Zealand and becoming a zip line guide.)

TEAM: K. You need to pay us more. Also, your font requires 10 lines of code.

ME: Change the font. Take your time. Also, when will it be ready?

…It is now! The new territrespicio.com site is up and active. I think it even created its own Tinder profile already.


Would love to hear what you think (and if you come across anything that’s broken or not working, give me a heads up so I can make sure Joel and Kate have Advil and/or Malbec on hand).



VERY BIG HUGE THANKS TO THE ENTIRE PINNACLE TEAM for making this site happen! RYAN ANDREWS for his amazing design; JOEL JONES for building this beast brick by brick and bringing it to life; BEN SAMPLES for his artistic eye and cheerful demeanor; HANNAH KOBRIN for her sharp antenna for the nuances of language; AARON GIBBS for keeping track of all moving parts; DARIA GREGORY, for her bottomless patience and generosity; ED MORALES for his wonderful support of all the projects.

KRISTIAN GOLICK and MICAH JOEL for their fantastic vision with all things video.

JOHN DEMATO for his excellent photography.

AND OF COURSE to my girl KATE VANDEN BOS who really birthed this thing—her vision, focus, endless hours of effort to make it just so. Thank you for guarding high standards with the class of a poodle and the ferocity of a pitbull. You treated this as if it were your own, and I appreciate it more than I can say.