A few weeks ago, I told you to be wary of advice. Even mine.

Why? Because it’s tempting to believe that if we just follow the right advice, we never have to make any mistakes. Ever.

If your whole goal is to avoid mess, mistakes, and effort by stepping gingerly inside the footsteps of others, chances are, you won’t make much of an impression yourself.

In his handy little branding book called “Shout is a Stain Remover, Not a Strategy,” my friend Gary Kopervas, head creative at the branding agency 20Nine, writes,

“Best practices can be a trap. Experts advise that you look at what successful people are doing in your industry and do what they do…but copycats don’t achieve great things. Doing what other people do—no matter how successful they are—can mute your originality or authenticity.”

Well said, Gary, well said.

What he recommends is that you “work your quirk.”

So you’re thinking, “OK, well how do I know what that is? How do I find or choose that thing? Am I even different at all? Maybe I’m not. Maybe I’m boring. Oh God, I’m a fraud! A horrible, tedious fraud!”

Ok hold up. No, you’re not.

But finding what makes you truly standout isn’t a matter of a mad grab through your junk drawer looking for that screwdriver you could swear was in there.

You need to give yourself the chance to explore your story. You need time, focused attention, and the right container for doing that work (i.e., not on your couch with the news blaring).

And, you need a prompt.

In the Gateless Writing method that I use in my workshops, we use prompts to open the door to new ideas and even old stories.

I’ll give you one right now that you can use:

Think about a time when you felt really torn.

On one hand, it seemed clear what you should do, but on the other, you really weren’t sure anymore. It could have been a big decision. Or, it could have been when you were torn over which brand of BBQ chips you wanted. This doesn’t have to Be Important Work. The goal is to get the ideas out of your head so we can see what makes you tick — without letting your critical mind starting patting them down, TSA style.

Do not analyze. Do not think. Set the timer for 10 minutes. And write.

Want to do this with me? Well, you’ve got your chance.

Welcome to 30 Days On The Page.

This 30-day program is you, me, and whatever you use to write. Every day for 30 days, you get an email with an audio link. That’s me! Sit down, press play, and I will guide you through the prompt, the actual writing time, and coming back up to the surface when 20 minutes are done.

You get to break new ground on your new ideas, and gain momentum in developing, fleshing them out, and making them real and ready to share with the people you most want to reach.

You get to get out of your own way—and feel your own work expanding, instead of feeling constricted by fear and self-criticism.

All for just $1 per day.

Get all the details and sign up here –> https://territrespicio.com/30days/

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