When I was an MLM’er

My brilliant, sweet friend Jenny Blake, founder of Pivot, had me on her podcast for the launch of Unfollow Your Passion.

And her first question?

“Tell us about the MLM days.”

Ah, yes.

For a few years in the early aughts, I was a multi-level marketing member, someone who sold jewelry for a now-defunct company via network marketing.

Oh, the halcyon days of house parties! When I’d wheel up into someone’s living room and set up a table of sterling silver jewelry, grab a glass of pinot grigio, and start taking orders.

To be clear: I had no idea what I was doing in the beginning, but it’s the only way you learn.

Say what you will about MLMs, but as a side hustle (before the term “side hustle” existed), it helped me ease a transition from a moderate copywriter salary to an entry-level publishing salary. And so in many ways it’s what allowed me to move into the career lane I wanted.

What Jenny was most interested in was selling as a skill, because we so often just assume some people are naturals and the rest of us suck. In fact, some people will proudly tell you how much they suck at sales, but it’s actually not something to brag about. And, I also don’t think it’s true. Because while you may not choose it as a profession, we’re all selling, every single day. On ideas, opinions, where to order takeout from.

Our conversation leaps from MLMs to MFAs to comedy to career. Jenny is a fantastic host, and if you haven’t checked out her podcast, now’s the time!

Jenny’s new book, Free Time, is launching now, in which she makes a critical distinction between what it means to be busy and what it means to do meaningful work. We ALL need that.

>>CHECK OUT THE EPISODE: https://www.pivotmethod.com/podcast/terri