The other night, as we all hunkered down in our respective homes away from COVID-19, a friend told me she was going to stay in and “do some writing.” 

Wait, what? 

This woman had never, not once, expressed an iota of interest in writing! 

As an office manager, she doesn’t have to do “content” for her job. But she feels called to write. 

I love this. And, while I’m surprised, I’m kind of not. 

Writing isn’t just a job—it’s an act: A powerful way to tap your creativity, but also to take back a sense of control. 

And when so much feels out of our control, writing empowers, grounds, and pushes back against fear. It’s an exercise in sovereignty and sanity. 

I think of it like running. 

I run, but not because I’m good at it. I’ll never be the best at it, I’ve never won a race, and that’s not the point. 

The point of running, for me, is to run—because of how it makes me feel, because it reminds me I have a capable body and one that feels best when it’s used. 

That’s what writing is like. 

It feels good to do—but not when the goal is to win a race or a contest. Yuck. It feels good when it makes you recognize what YOU are capable of. 

Since no one is going anywhere, anytime soon, what if you took some time to do some writing, too? 

On Thursday, I’m going to be holding a free workshop for anyone who feels the itch to write—either because they have to or because they want to. 

It’s called “Rekindle Your Content: How to Fire Up Your Creativity and Fuel Your Marketing Efforts.” 

We’ll meet Thursday 3/19/20 @ 12pET.  

⇒ REGISTER HERE for “Rekindle Your Content.” 

Come if you have content you have to do. Come if you don’t. 

Come if you’re looking for a creative outlet, and a way to share and connect with the world, to feel empowered in ways that require more hitting “share” a headline (and yes I do that, too). 

Let’s reignite the part of you that WANTS to connect — and yes! We’ll actually do some writing THERE on the call. 

More on what we’ll cover here. 

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