Your job is a dog

Here’s a question for you:

Do you take care of your job or does your job take care of you?

What about your career? Or, the term I like to use, your “work” — which isn’t necessarily defined by a “job” specifically, but is defined by YOU.

I was just relistening to my interview with Ilise Benun, of Marketing Mentor, from the Summer Camp series I did in July, and I was reminded of why I love her: Because she makes me see things in a whole new way.

We hear a lot about how we should take care of ourselves DESPITE work, but what if could use work and our approach to it to actually take care of us? That’s how Ilise talks about it—as something you use to take care of yourself. She refers to her own business as a personal development laboratory.

Passions are great, but they aren’t always up to that task.

“Often people come to me with a passion that they want to turn into a business,” she says. “Some passions are well suited to be businesses, but most are not.”

She asks, does this passion have a life as a business? And is that the point? There’s only one way to find out. But the novel idea here is seeing work not as the enemy of self care, but a powerful source of it. “A business literally can take care of you,” she says. And so many of us (women specifically) do not take care of themselves well or at all.

​I have my own theories about job vs. career: One is a dog; the other is a cat. I wrote about it and entered that piece into the Medium Writers Challenge last week, which you can check out here or by clicking the (adorable) image below.