“Crushing” isn’t everyone’s go-to metaphor

When I stepped out onto the stage for the first time since lockdown to deliver the keynote at Plunder Design, LLC ’s annual conference, I had so much energy rushing through me I could have powered a small city for a week.

The audience was independent reps, or stylists, for this jewelry brand, and believe it or not, in a past life, I did that exact thing a zillion years ago for a different brand. It’s how I learned sales!

I spoke about how to think like a business and grow like one by reframing sales. Why? Because we’re given two metaphors for sales: Sports and war. That’s it.

But that doesn’t ring for a lot of people, let alone women. The idea of having to “crush” anything is way outside their comfort zone.

But growth? Connection? Expansion? That can happen INSIDE your comfort zone. After all, isn’t that how greenhouses work?

The great moment of irony was when I stood there on stage with a hot mic in my hand and told them keynotes don’t change businesses. I shared my favorite Jeff Haden quote: “Speeches don’t provide lasting motivation. Progress provides lasting motivation.”

And it’s true. Which is why it’s funny when people call me a motivational speaker, when motivation is something only you can generate for yourself.

Afterwards, people told me it was what they needed most: no fluff, no BS, and changed the way they see their businesses and themselves.

Featured in these photos are Plunder founder Hillary Adams and Tauscha Johanson, Director of Field Development, and their team, plus some very stylish stylists.

Plus, top Plunder performer, stylist Tiffany Gall — the only one to approach me to ask to meet people in my network. You surprised she’s a top performers? Me neither.

Side note, why do speakers blow in and out of events? Not me! I like to hang out and go to all their parties! Get to know them. I had a fantastic time.