Ever notice my teeth are crooked?

I wouldn’t suspect you have—noticed my teeth, that is. No one gives a hoot about them. But I do.

Not only has it gotten more crowded in there, it occurs to me that my teeth deserve better. What was the point of all that pain and discomfort with braces back in the late 80s if I’m going to let them go out like this?

I’d been meaning to talk to the dentist about Invisalign. But meaning to do anything doesn’t make it happen. So I made the appointment, and went all in on this.

Today is new tray day.

The best way to explain how new tray day feels is this: Take your favorite jeans out of the dryer and slip them on…after you’ve eaten a huge meal.

Now, imagine that those jeans improved your physique just by virtue of being snug.

Jeans do not do this. But new trays do.

I’ve come to love this feeling—the firm resistance, the gentle ache. It means things are changing.

Because teeth aren’t “set.” Few things are.

What this means is that if you want something to change, to happen, to start, you can do that—regardless of the resistance you feel.

This is not an ad for Invisalign.

This is a metaphor for how I think about writing. Because even people who love writing, like me, feel resistance around it.

And yet, there’s pleasure in overcoming it.

You can “mean” to do more writing (journaling, content, your book). Meaning to, however, won’t cut it.

What if you just startedFor the first time or the four hundredth time?

Starting can be easier than you think. Come see for yourself.

Join me for my free virtual writing workshop series, Start Writing, Sept 27, 28 & 29 @ 12:00p ET.

You don’t have to come to all three. Come to whichever you want! And leave having created something new.

No previous experience, job title, or degree is required. (And people who’ve been writing for decades will get as much out of it as those who started yesterday.)

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