What not to say in a hot tub (ever)

Years ago, I spent the weekend at a friend’s ski chalet. It had a hot tub. So, around 9pm, we grabbed some beers and got in it.

One of the guests was a man I’d never met, and I was trying to decide if I found him appealing. I figured it out rather quickly.

We were introduced, and rather than make conversation, maybe get to know me a bit, he stopped at my job title—magazine editor (this was years ago)—and launched, I kid you not, into a full-tilt pitch for his client.


The hot tub bubbles fizzled.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I actually love to talk shop. But not usually two beers in on a Friday in a hot tub in New Hampshire when we’ve never had a conversation before.

I felt as though I’d been dragged out of the tub and was shivering in a conference room while he walked through his pitch deck.

I don’t remember his company, or his name, and I never talked to him again.

Surprised? Me neither. Swing and a miss.

My point: The key to getting someone, anyone, interested in anything is to start with a conversation. Not a pitch. And certainly not a pitch executed in a bathing suit while perspiring from hot tub heat. 

This is why content matters: Because it has value on its own.

Content is not a “platform” (gag). It’s how you engage and sustain a conversation with people who might like to hear from you. That’s it.

I like to hear from you, for instance. That’s why I write you all the time. I like when you write back, but it’s ok if you don’t.

And while this isn’t likely the first convo we’ve had, it’s also likely not the last. (Unless it is, in which case, ok bye! Thanks for coming!)

So let’s have a conversation about that conversation. It’s a bit meta. But I think it’s a conversation worth having. Don’t you?

Step on into my digital hot tub this Thursday 5/14 @ 11am ET for a newly revamped Rekindle Your Content masterclasswhich NOW includes a free writing session too (optional! No presh!) so that you can start creating your content right then and there.

Doesn’t matter if you can’t come live—register anyway and you can watch it from your own tub later if you like.

Here’s some of what we’ll cover:

  • How to approach creating content without dying inside
  • How to think about what you’re saying now vs 3 months ago
  • Why there’s no such thing as a boring topic (not even yours)
  • How to write content that people actually read and respond to
  • A method and framework you can use to create content EVERY time

Let’s not just talk. Let’s do it. 

(And no, that’s not what I said to the guy in the hot tub).

I mean, we can yakkety yak about writing and content but it means squat if you don’t apply it.

So. I’ll also be leading you through a real-time writing session which could be a game changer for you. 


Hand me that towel, would you? I’m turning into a raisin in here.


**PHOTOGRAPHY CREDIT goes to…the Texas Hot Tub Co! I found this image HERE on their blog post about crafting your own hot tub date night.