I held on to my virginity so long

I held on to my virginity so long I forgot what I was saving it for.

It’s true. 

I was a BIT of a late bloomer. 

And while everyone should move at their own pace (and slower, if need be), especially when it comes to your body and whom you let close to it, it’s worth thinking about what we delay as a rule. 

Especially when we have this idea that things should be a certain way in order for us to do them. 

When I was having hesitations and doubts around writing this very book, my agent said to me in her gorgeous accent, “It’s best to begin.” 

What are you holding off on starting, because you think things, or you, must be different? Or because you’re more accustomed to not doing the very thing you’d very much like to do? 

In the Gateless writing workshops I lead, we don’t delay. We just start. We trust that what comes up is what we need to follow. When people ask, how do I start my: book/blog/project or how do I start writing or doing or trying? There is no other way than to begin. 

Speaking of firsts. This is my first book. I’d be honored if you’d be one of its first readers.

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