Your life is a magic eye poster from the 90s

Your work is less a line drawing, and more like one of those Magic Eye posters from the 90s.

You know the ones—they looked like a random, digitized page of color blocks and blips. But when you put your nose right up to it, and let your eyes refocus, BOOM! Dolphins leaping through the sea, elephants waving their trunks in the air.

The poster isn’t magic of course: What’s magical is the way a shift in your eyeballs and brain can change what you’re seeing into something else entirely.

Your career may appear to be a series of blocks on a page (did this here, did that there), but if you look REAL close, not just at the chronology, but at ALL of it, and let your eyes refocus, holy cow! Entire landscapes open up.

The problem isn’t that you haven’t picked a ‘niche’ yet or found your passion or purpose. The challenge is seeing what you do, have done, and want to do in a way that’s freed from linearity, and far more multi-dimensional.

In listening to the market myself this year (and to you!) I realized this was a need—which is why I put the Unhitch workshop together.

“Unhitch Your Niche” is a two-hour workshop in which you deep dive into your work, and what it actually means, using a special technique I’m trained and certified in to access your creativity and insight.

And you can still access it for a few more weeks (it goes away in December):

Come do the hands-on work of exploring the many ways to see and (re)define what you do, which will help make it easier to share with people who want it!

And would love to know what you think, and how it helped!