Not good at picture taking (and lots of other things)

I know. I’m touching my face!
This was back in January, before doing so became verboten. Please know that no one got hurt during this photo shoot.
(My photographer DID very nearly pass out–but only because he didn’t eat lunch. I TOLD him he should eat. He doesn’t listen.)
I feel really awkward having my picture taken. This picture sums up how I felt the whole day. I don’t spend my days having my picture taken. So why would I be good at it?
There’s this pervasive belief that we’re supposed to be good at stuff that we have NO reason to be.
One advisor wrote to me:
“Marketing’s not my strong suit.”
Why should it be, Bob? I asked. You’re an advisor, not a writer. You’ve spent your life getting really good at other things.
Why do we think we “should” be able to write copy or roast a chicken or build a website or speak Spanish by now? We may never do any of these things.
You don’t have to know how to sew a button to use a button. And you don’t have to be some kind of ingenious marketer to make great and better use of marketing in your work.
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