“What inspires you?” 

Ugh. This question. My problem with it? It assumes we need to be inspired to do a thing. Or worse, that we should feel inspired right now! I’m not. 

Having free time can be incredibly inspiring—at first. “Oh my! Now I can do anything. I can do EVERYTHING!”

Yeah, that thrill peaked two weeks ago. 

And while some people really are crushing Masterclass and writing novels or learning sew their own clothes (bravo, btw), the rest of us, well, aren’t. 

say this to relieve you—of this idea that you should somehow be more inspired now, just because you have time for it. Nope. Not how inspiration works! 

Inspiration is like your fancy Aunt Helen who swings by with her designer bag full of butterscotch candy and extra cash, leaving a trail of French perfume in her wake. It’s so great when she shows up! It’s also…occasional.

She comes when she damn well pleases.

A few weeks ago, I put together a guide called “5 Ways to Unlock Your Creative Genius.” The goal: Share the approach I use in my workshops and consulting work to help people access—and notice—their very own best ideas and concepts, which they tend to overlook or flat-out ignore.  Because therein lies the key to brilliance. 

…It’s also the key to their: TEDx talk, book idea, new project, new business, killer copy, you name it.

I thought you might find it useful—and fun—to try doing this too, especially when your work-work doesn’t always give you the chance to do it. AND to replenish that precious resource when you start feeling tired, blocked, and bored.

Anyway—it’s yours if you like. And it’s free! You can read it, or listen to it, or both. 

⇒ Access “5 Ways to Unlock Your Creative Genius” download & audio guide here

In it, you’ll discover: 

  • Ways to shift your approach to the blank page
  • How to face off with your inner critic
  • A writing prompt and exercise to focus your attention
  • Insight into critic-free feedback via the Gateless Method

I do hope you find it useful, and would love to hear what you think!  

P.S. The audio guide is less than 20 minutes and pairs well with snacking or laundry. #multitask

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