Lean into your work like a Segway

Years ago I went on a Segway tour of Austin. I was rigid with fear when I got up on that thing. It felt like standing on a vacuum cleaner and attempting to ride it. 

We all have some inherent understanding of what makes things go: A swing? Easy. Pump and pull. A bike? Work those legs. A car? Press the pedal away from you. 

To make a Segway go, you have to do precisely the opposite of what your brain wants to do: Lean into it. 

It feels like leaning into a ladder attached to nothing. 

But once I got going, I started to get the hang of it. An hour later? PLEASE. I was a pro. 

I felt like I legit became one with the Segway. I didn’t even have to steer it; it seemed I only had to think about moving in a direction and it would go there. It started to weird me out. 

Your work can feel that effortless. 

Another thing the Segway can do? Pivot. On a dime! 

We’ve each had to pivot—hard—in the past few months. And we’ve had to lean into this shit, scary and weird as it is.

Now, obviously, we all have things we hate and have to do, and that may never get easier. But you have a sweet spot, where you and the work move like one sophisticated machine. 

Man, that is the BEST. I love it. 

Which is why I take particular pleasure in creating the conditions for YOU to find that sweet spot, so that you can generate your best stuff. 

Look, they don’t let you get ON a Segway without a little practice time. What if you had some time to ride around on your idea, see where it can go? 

That’s specifically what my new workshop can help you do. And it’s this week! 

It’s called MOVE YOUR ASSETS (lol yup). 

The idea is: Intuition meets execution. Perfect if you feel stuck, unsure of what to do next with what you have, in need of a little more mojo. I got you. 

Get ready to lean into your work, find the sweet spot, and see where it can take you (and it’s further than you think). 

Hop on! Read more about it here.