Why content may be like this date I went on in 2013

This is a pic of me on a date with a man I met on New Year’s Eve in 2013.
He’s so goddamn gorgeous I only had the heart to cut out half his face so that his identity is kinda protected but also you can see him OMGGG.
He was a male model visiting from Germany (of course) and several (cough cough) years younger than me. This was not going to be a life match, nor did it need to be.
For someone who wants to settle down and get married, they’d say, what’s the point if you’re not going to move to Berlin? What a waste! Nope. Not at all.
There are lots of reasons to go on dates:
…Because you like to go out.
…Because it’s time to get back out there.
…Because this amazing outfit isn’t going to wear itself.
…Because you want to do more dating.
…Because you’d actually like to stop dating. (Sooner the better.)
…Because you’d like to get married.
…Because you never want to get married.
There is no “one” reason to date, and everyone has their own. The dating is a means to an end for some, and for others, it’s an end in itself.
The same goes for just about anything else you can think of—including writing and sharing content. And on the training I ran this week, I went over all the reasons why you might want to share more of your ideas via blog, book, podcast, whatever. And they probably don’t match other people’s reasons.
Here’s the thing: What you write, make, create and how successful it is, will depend on WHY you’re doing it and for what purpose.
For some, a successful launch, product, or piece of content is one that: Gets lots of views. Gets lots of shares. Or, brings in ONE amazing new client.
“Raising awareness?” not a powerful enough reason. I don’t go on dates so that more people are aware of me. I go on a date to connect…with one person. There’s a goal there. But we don’t have to get into that. Let’s just say the goal posts have a way of moving.
Want to hear more on this? Get the replay. It’s all cued up and ready. You can access it here.
The good news is that because you’re more in control of your content than you are of chemistry between humans, the content thing may pan out better than most dates. That’s my guess.