So glad I didn’t live in the 1400s

I just finished a book called A Brief History of Misogyny by Jack Holland. You know, a real lighthearted read. 

It was fantastic, actually, and gave a clear, if painful, context for the very deep roots of misogyny, which has been embedded in our culture, our psyche, and our lives for longer than anyone can remember. 

What it made me glad about was that I didn’t live in the 1400s, or, if I ever have, that I don’t remember it. Because I’m pretty sure I’ve got witch written all over me. 

An independent woman who wants the last word over her body, her money, and her time? Who opted out of marriage and kids? Yeah I wouldn’t have done well back then. At all. 

One of the things that holds people back from expressing themselves, sharing their ideas and stories, is fear of judgment, criticism, of being ousted, banned, or, today, “canceled.” 

There are tons of people sitting on their stories for fear of…what? Trolls? Are trolls the keepers of our stories now? Because if you’re quiet for their sake, I guess they are. Damn shame, really.

After all, insensitive comments, anonymous jabs, and hate from people you’ll never meet? I’ll take all of that over being jailed, beaten, or worse. Do you know how long it’s been since women could pipe up and say whatever they want without consequence? Like two minutes ago. This is NEW, people.

We’ll always be worried about what people think, but most of us don’t have to live in abject terror that we’ll be dragged off and drowned or burned at the stake for saying a thing. And I for one plan to take full advantage of that freedom. Why aren’t you?

I recently had a conversation about this, and a thousand other things, with my friend Karen Kenney on her podcast. We cackled like witches and had a great time. It’s not a 15-minute discussion with talking points. It’s a full-on HANG. I think you’ll get a kick out of it.

And if it was 1400, we’d have had men on horseback at our door, and they would not be happy about it. 

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Here’s the highlights, if you want to zip ahead:

• We Don’t Change That Much (6:01)

• Writing As A Resource (19:37)

• Reading Versus Watching TV (21:58)

• Who Made The Rules (26:01)

• Do You Like Eating? (34:53)

• I Worked For A Wig Catalogue (41:31)

• Narrow Focus (47:21)

• When Do I Jump In? (53:36)

• Burned Alive For Speaking Up (1:03:03)

• Being Human Is An Ongoing Problem (1:12:09)

• Mentors Helped Me Lead Myself (1:16:29)

• Slick & Fake (1:26:08)

• They Don’t Give A Crap (1:32:59)