Time to unmute yourself

This is the face of someone who was just cut off mid-sentence on a Zoom call.

Thought you could relate.

Conversations are moving targets; they’re also unscripted, unpredictable, and on Zoom, subject to tech glitches. So, interruptions happen sometimes.

The problem is when they happen all the time.

To you. To women. To underrepresented populations. And to quieter people who are loath to interrupt.

Men are not the enemy here. In fact, many of them want to champion women, but it’s hard to do when and if women stay quiet.

If you, your team members, employees, colleagues, can’t or don’t speak up during key conversations, they suffer—and so do we all, from the lack of diversity in opinions and insights.

The virtual environment makes this harder. And Zoom calls…aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

It’s time to unmute yourself.

Join me for my free event, “UnMute Yourself,” inspired by Women’s History Month, Tues, 3/23 @ 9:00a PT / 12:00p ET. And find out how to show up, stand up, and say your piece—online and everywhere else.