Doesn’t matter why you stopped (start again)

What’s the difference between someone who writes and someone who used to, means to, or wants to write?

How often they START.

So you stopped for a while. Got distracted. Waylaid. Depressed. Busy. Overwhelmed.

It happens.

Whether you’ve been writing for 40 years or for 4 months, it starts the same way. With a blank page and a long moment where you hover there, wondering where you’ll land.

It doesn’t matter what you wrote before or what you might write later. It doesn’t matter that someone didn’t like what you wrote once. Who cares!

You have one decision: To write, or to … intend to. And they are worlds apart.

You can start again. You can start now. You can start…on Monday with me!

I’m leading free one-hour workshops all week March 15-19th.

Stop thinking. Stop worrying. Stop doubting. Start writing.

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