You’re not stuck

You’re not stuck.

You may, however, as Austin Powers demonstrates in an almost existentially perfect way, be temporarily caught in a K turn of the soul.

Here’s how I know: Because you, me, your dog, my cat, large intestines, tulips, tornadoes, and anything else you can think of, go through periods of contraction and expansion.

Sometimes you’re in an expanded state—bright and full of energy and potential.

Other times, you feel contracted—small, tight, gripped. Curled up in fetal position on the couch.

The best indicator that you’re on the verge of expansion? You feel contracted RIGHT NOW. Expansion is coming.

Do some people stay “stuck?” Do they remain in contraction for months, decades? Sure.

(And some people wouldn’t change that if you paid them, because then they wouldn’t know who they are.)

Part of moving into expansion is giving yourself room—to grow, to think, to write your new phase into existence.

Find some space. Where? On the page. Nothing but space there.

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