Positive feedback does not = blowing smoke

Do you know how much more effective positive feedback is to negative attention?

What do you think. Twice as much? Ten times at most?

Try 30. Positive attention is 30x’s more powerful than negative attention in creating high performance on a team. (That comes from Marcus Buckingham & Ashley Goodall.)

Oh, so that means we should all blow smoke up each other’s hoohas?


What it does mean is that you’re not doing anyone too many favors by fixing them all the time. And that you may get more from your team (and yourself) if you shine attention on what’s working instead.

Your brain is a bona fide flaw-finding machine. It comes loaded with the software already. It works, and it can keep you safe. But it really sucks at helping you tap creativity and intuition.

You actually have to push back against this tendency so that you can see something besides what’s wrong by training your brain to listen for what it loves instead. This has the power to shift your ENTIRE perspective. It doesn’t make you dopey and blind; in fact, it makes you a more incisive and constructive reader—and leader. 

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