How to Be a Better Person Than You Were Last Year at Thanksgiving

Image courtesy of koratmember at Every holiday I drive up the Merritt Parkway feeling hopeful and upbeat. Who doesn't want to have a relaxed, enjoyable break from the workaday week and stuff themselves silly? Um, I love that. Images of me having a great, easy time dance in my brain. And yet [...]

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Why You Need to Embrace the Haters

Not too long ago, haters were the domain of the rich and famous — or at least, anyone with a sizable platform. In fact, it was basically a celebrity tax: you want attention, get ready for vitriol. But now it very much is our problem. Because now we all want attention, and, thanks to the [...]

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You Need to Give Yourself a Raise

The only good thing about working for a boss who doesn’t compensate you fairly is that you can leave. If you’ve made a convincing case for why you should be promoted or given a raise, and been turned down (repeatedly), you are well within your rights to move to another department, accept another offer, or [...]

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Sensual Healing: Head-To-Toe Massage Techniques For Couples

Expert-approved mutual massage techniques for the head, hands, feet and more. Somewhere along the line, the concept of couples' massage has been, shall we say, mishandled. Far from a cursory back rub or 50-yard-dash to getting it on, real couples massage is an art. "With couples massage, sex is not the goal. Intimacy [...]

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How I Got a TED Talk

Click to watch "Stop Searching for Your Passion" The only thing more stunning than walking into the Kauffman Center in Kansas City when it’s full of people is when you're the only one there. That’s where I stood, slack jawed and awestruck on Saturday afternoon, August 29, 2015, hours before the thousands descended for [...]

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How Being Busy Is Costing You Business

I'm going to break something to you right here and now: No one actually cares how busy you are. Honestly. No one. And telling people how busy you are is very likely costing you business and opportunities. I do a lot of events for freelancers and solopreneurs (including this one hosted by the lovely Kate Gaffin's Connecting [...]

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Stop Trying to Get Paid What You’re Worth

You and I have fallen under the sway of a misled idea: that in order to advance our careers, we must persuade people to recognize our worth and then convince them to pay it. When negotiating salary or figuring out what to charge for a service, the first question we often ask ourselves is: What am I [...]

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What You Learn by Being Lousy

Watch me eat it. Go ahead. Click on it. I went camping recently. I say that casually, as if it's so normal for me, when it's so not. But regardless, I went camping—legit slept in a tent, ate meat off a stick, the whole thing. I was with a big group of friends and [...]

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Take the Work Out of Networking

My new eBook is here! Click the image to get your FREE copy. Networking’s problem? The word “networking.” It sounds like work, feels like work—it has work in the damn name! So let’s take it out. The truth is, networking isn't a work thing, like you've always thought and dreaded. It's a life thing. Networking [...]

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