Stop Trying to Get Paid What You’re Worth

You and I have fallen under the sway of a misled idea: that in order to advance our careers, we must persuade people to recognize our worth and then convince them to pay it. When negotiating salary or figuring out what to charge for a service, the first question we often ask ourselves is: What am I […]

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What You Learn by Being Lousy

I went camping recently. I say that casually, as if it’s so normal for me, when it’s so not. But regardless, I went camping—legit slept in a tent, ate meat off a stick, the whole thing. I was with a big group of friends and on the agenda was a lot of boat-related activities: water sports […]

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Take the Work Out of Networking

Networking’s problem? The word “networking.” It sounds like work, feels like work—it has work in the damn name!

So let’s take it out. The truth is, networking isn’t a work thing, like you’ve always thought and dreaded. It’s a life thing. Networking is all, and only, about connecting with other people, and you were born to do that.

I’m […]

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Pick a Niche: Why You Need to Specialize

The days of the generalist are long gone. Your niche is your key to better clients, better work, better business all around.

And yet, you’re afraid. You think: “Oh, I don’t want to limit myself or limit my prospects” or “I’m good at so many things.” No denying it, you’re a multi-talented and infinitely brilliant person. However. […]

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7 Occasions When It’s OK to Work for Free (and Why It’s Worth It)

There is a time and a place for everything—including working for free. Yup. I said it. I didn’t say “never get paid.” Trust me, I charge for what I do. But I do believe that giving strategically without compensation is a key way to grow your business for a few reasons. And you don’t have […]

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Why Loving What You Do Is A Liability

Loving what you do is the siren song for entrepreneurs, as if once you find it, you’ll be successful, happy, and, well, golden.

But here’s the liability in doing work you love: You may have a harder time getting paid for it. Not because of the nature of the work itself, necessarily, but because you’ve fallen for […]

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Why the Freelancer is the F-Buddy of the Business World

I just gave a talk to a roomful of people who work for themselves. I said, “How many of you define yourselves as freelancers?” and a whole slew of hands went up.

And then I said, “Never, ever call yourself that again.”

Why? Because freelance is low-rent, low-budge, low-stakes. Freelancing means you’re a pinch hitter, a cheap […]

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3 Wrong-Headed Ideas You Have About Your Brand Voice

Your real-life voice is distinctly you: I know it’s you because of how you sound when you walk into a room, answer the phone, laugh. I know your sense of humor, tone, volume. Your voice is who you are with my eyes closed. You have a way of speaking and interacting in the world that […]

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3 Signs Your Brand Is Having an Identity Crisis

Your struggle with branding yourself or your business comes from two conflicting fears:

You don’t know who you are;
You don’t want to ruin what you already did/created/have

This places you at the crossroads between ignorance and fear. A lousy place to be (and we’ve all been there). As a result, you are hesitant to put a foot forward, in […]

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