I know. I’m touching my face! This was back in January, before doing so became verboten. Please know that no one got hurt during this photo shoot. (My photographer DID very nearly pass out–but only because he didn’t eat lunch. I TOLD him he should eat. He doesn’t listen.) I feel really awkward having my […]

Howard Stern interviewed Gov. Cuomo recently. He asked him what he makes of all the fuss over him right now.  “Are you shocked by all this unbelievable outpouring of love for you? Are you just blown away by this? You’re on the cover of Rolling Stone. You’re the sexiest man in America.” Cuomo’s response:   “I […]

COVID, and the way we talk about it (all of it) has become a kind of Rorschach test. Ask someone what they think of it, and you learn something about them.  Some say it’s a relief, a blessing, a balm. A much-needed reset button. A wake-up call. A reminder of why they’ve made certain choices—or, […]

“What inspires you?”  Ugh. This question. My problem with it? It assumes we need to be inspired to do a thing. Or worse, that we should feel inspired right now! I’m not.  Having free time can be incredibly inspiring—at first. “Oh my! Now I can do anything. I can do EVERYTHING!” Yeah, that thrill peaked two weeks ago.  And while some […]

As a rule, I’m a woefully impatient person. Put me behind someone on their first day of TSA precheck, and I will very possibly lose my cool. Someone blocking the exit at 42nd St. on the 2 train? Jesus, take the wheel.  And yet.  I’m built for quarantine. I just am.  I get that not […]

At a business conference in Orlando a few years ago, we were given after-hours access to Epcot’s mission:Space ride. I squeezed into a space vessel the size of a bathroom stall alongside three women whom I’d just invited to connect on LinkedIn. Inside was a 3-D monitor, a control panel of blinking lights, and a set of […]

The other night, as we all hunkered down in our respective homes away from COVID-19, a friend told me she was going to stay in and “do some writing.”  Wait, what?  This woman had never, not once, expressed an iota of interest in writing!  As an office manager, she doesn’t have to do “content” for […]

How do you feel about the word “cute?”  Maybe it makes you think of babies or puppies or Hello Kitty backpacks. Small, harmless things. Or, miniature replicas of larger things.  Maybe “cute” to you is just shy of pretty and a few blocks from gorgeous. My friend, writer Becky Karush, believes cute is underrated.  Becky […]

What not to say in a hot tub (ever)

Years ago, I spent the weekend at a friend’s ski chalet. It had a hot tub. So, around 9pm, we grabbed some beers and got in it. One of the guests was a man I’d never met, and I was trying to decide if I found him appealing. I figured it…

You know what we need? A little Octopus Time

I’ve had aquatic life on the brain lately. Don’t ask. Everything’s weird.  But you know what we could all use a little of? Octopus Time. A little OT.  This is how Sy Montgomery describes the way her experience of time changed while…

People who want to write tend to whisper

People seem to have no problem voicing their desire to buy a good pair of jeans or go bird watching.  I detect zero self-consciousness from the person who tells me she wants to go see Mean Girls on Broadway. Or enroll in improv classes.  But.    When…

Do not COME for me with your kitten heels

Two things I love about my friend Jenn Lederer: She’s got an open mind and sharp opinions. She’s cool with whatever you want to wear, do, pursue. “You do you, girl,” she says, waving her hand at everyone and no one. But don't get…

What is this? Amateur hour?

The Zen Buddhists talk about beginner’s mind. Maybe you’ve heard it as ‘child mind.’ It sounds enlightened, to come at this with a clean slate, to adopt a beginner’s mindset in order to gain new insight. Cool.   But what about…

Making it up as you go

After I got laid off, I decided not to get another job. I just...didn’t want one. Simple as that. I decided to work on my own, from my couch. As a natural introvert, I was in heaven.  And yet—it became clear I had to get out of the house.…