What’s going on in your world? Two big things this week in mine: Wed (the 9th) is my birthday, and I’m also moving. Did I tell you that? Not far—about four blocks from where I currently live on the Upper West Side. My requirements were that I didn’t want to have to change dry cleaners, […]

If you had asked me last week if I’d be moved by a closing performance by Queen at the Global Citizen Festival in Central Park, I’d say, umm, probably not.  But then on Thursday, I watched Bohemian Rhapsody, and that changed everything.  Have you seen the movie? You kinda can’t take your eyes off Rami […]

There’s a song by recording artist and folk singer Mary Gauthier that guts me, every time.  It’s called “Mercy Now,” and the song moves, achingly, through concentric circles of forgiveness: Starting with her father, who could use some mercy now…and ending with her country, which could most definitely use some mercy now. (Lord have mercy, […]

I was in Whole Foods the other day, browsing the gluten-free cookie aisle, and I heard this little voice pipe up.  “Hi!”  And there, parked in a stroller by the almond milk, was an adorable baby girl, waving emphatically at me.  “Hi! Hi!” “Well hello there,” I said, delighted, walking over. “What’s your name?”  And […]

My friend Paula Rizzo looks like a sweet little cat.  She’s neat and orderly and totally adorable, a petite, pretty brunette with a laugh like a bell.  But don’t be fooled. Inside that kitten facade, the girl is a pit bull.  She cut her teeth in newsrooms (which are not for the faint of heart) […]

Ever go on a church retreat? I did.  Antioch Weekend at Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament in Roseland, New Jersey. In the 80s. You got to wear your Jordache jeans and sleep over at host houses and hang out with kids you didn’t know (read: boys you didn’t know) from public school. Hot.  We […]

Ever hear of a woman named Brenda Ueland?  She was before your time, and mine. And she did not mince words.  “I hate orthodox criticism,” she wrote,  “…small niggling, fussy-mussy criticism, which thinks it can improve people by telling them where they are wrong, and results only in putting them in straitjackets of hesitancy and […]

OK here’s what happened: A woman emailed me recently and said she wanted help creating a TEDx talk. I said sure. In fact, I could do her one better—I invited her to join me for the Pop-Up Story Salon in Manhattan that week. This would give her the chance to roll up her sleeves and […]

When's the last time someone REALLY listened to you?

When's the last time someone listened to you. I mean, really listened. Like, you could tell they were right there with you. It's rare, to have someone's attention like that. Even right now, I only have a share of your attention. And…

Why Everyone Wants To Be Scared (Just A Little)

A few weeks ago, some friends and I decided to do something really seasonal: We went out to the country (read: Jersey) to pick apples.  Turns out, we’d missed apple picking season by two weeks. We could buy the ones that had been picked…

Stop Searching for Your Passion (Do This Instead)

Four years ago I gave a TEDx talk called “Stop searching for your passion.” This is not news. I memorized every word of that talk. I delivered it in a room of around 1500 people. And I walked out of there and thought, “Ok! that was…

The Key To Finding Your Quirk (And Trust Me, You Have One)

A few weeks ago, I told you to be wary of advice. Even mine. Why? Because it's tempting to believe that if we just follow the right advice, we never have to make any mistakes. Ever. If your whole goal is to avoid mess, mistakes, and…

Do You Know Why You’re In The Room? (You Should)

Look at your calendar real quick.  I bet you have stuff scheduled today, and several things this week, that involve being in a room, real or virtual, with other people. Some of those meetings are obviously work-related, because they happen…

Everything is Sexy (Kind of)

You don’t know HOW many times people have said to me that the biggest problem they’re having with messaging—no matter what it is—is that whatever they have to say (sell, promote, announce) isn’t sexy enough. But in fact, it is. Why?…